youtube-dl GUI

A very very simple GUI for youtube-dl

Download youtube-dl GUI

Update to version 1.1 Reduced processor usage when idle

youtube-dl is a program that lets you download movies from various movie websites, like youtube and many others.

See: youtube-dl

It has a command-line interface, my little program lets you paste urls in a window, and makes it a little more easy to use.

Just extract the program from the zip in your youtube-dl folder (same folder where youtube-dl.exe is located) and start it.

You can keep adding urls with movies to download, number of active downloads is shown.

For advanced options read the manual and use the command line interface. (or use a more advanced GUI)

Version 1.1, August 2, 2020, tested on Windows 10 v 2004 (Its only for Windows!)

You may get false virus warnings, beware. If this scares you, dont use it... But its safe....

youtube-dl gui

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